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  • Lisa Woods, Certified Spiritual Life Coach

    Lisa Woods, Certified Spiritual Life Coach

    I guide ambitious super-achievers, quiet goal reachers, and seekers of future possibilities on clearing their paths and creating the future they want.

  • Jules Ehrhardt

    Jules Ehrhardt

    First Human @fktry / former owner @ustwo / founder @pledgepl . Design / tech / startup / crypto / life. http://linkedin.com/in/ezyjules | http://medium.co

  • Milena Bacalja Perianes

    Milena Bacalja Perianes

    Included VC Venture Fellow 2022 | Femtech and Gender Lens Investing Expert | Co-Founder of Madami | Unabashed Feminist.

  • Amardeep Parmar

    Amardeep Parmar

    I help ambitious people achieve their dreams without burning out ☆ Host of Mindful & Driven and Entrepreneur’s Handbook☆ https://antiburnout.mindfuldriven.com/

  • Enrico Bertini

    Enrico Bertini

    Associate Professor at NYU Tandon. Research + Teaching Data Visualization and Visual Analytics. Co-Host of Data Stories Podcast.

  • Michelle L Tollar

    Michelle L Tollar

  • Katie Matlin

    Katie Matlin

  • Tatiana A. Grezeszak

    Tatiana A. Grezeszak

  • Debbie Scheer

    Debbie Scheer

    Humorist, speaker, emcee, and benefit auctioneer. I believe that conversation leads to connection and connection leads to thriving communities.

  • Erica Hess

    Erica Hess

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