I have not shaved my legs in countless weeks. Normally, removing any body hair below my eyebrows is something about which I am obsessive. In the age of COVID, not so much. Same goes for my weight, the state of my feet, my roots, and my traditionally unmarred brow. In short, I’ve really let myself go during this pandemic.

At first, foregoing Botox and pedicures was a necessity. I sighed heavily about missing regular appointments and did my best to relay frustration with a neutral and relaxed face. Annoyance gave way to a strange pride in showing off dark roots…

White Liberal Feminism Takes the Stand

I am a white liberal feminist. I wore a pink pussy hat to the 2017 Women’s March. And while I am not ashamed to claim the former, the later admission does make my cheeks burn a bit in retrospect. Like the many white women who donned pink pussy hats, especially for the first march, I was eager to show solidarity. I was high on “we are in this together!” yet didn’t pause to examine how my enthusiasm could discourage others from participating.

Symbols speak volumes. They say a lot about inclusion and exclusion. …

Undervalued, unappreciated, and overworked. Something’s not adding up for women.

Shana is a single mom with a four-year-old son. She works as a financial advisor for a mid-size wealth management company. Despite an impressive client roster, her sales have been steadily declining over the past few years. “I can’t make it work,” she tells me. “I can’t swing the 7 a.m. breakfast meetings or the 5 p.m. happy hours. It’s the best time for my clients but there is no way I can tack on that extra care in the mornings or after work. It’s too expensive, and I’d never see my kid.”

Marie is an entrepreneur with a law…

Fashion, entrepreneurship, and history collide at Denver Startup Week.

Hashtag StartUpWeek conjures images of millennial white men clad in blue-checked button-down shirts and messenger bags. Denver Startup Week — the largest free event of its kind with attendance north of 16,000 people — is usually no exception. Usually. This year, program directors intentionally brought a greater focus to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This year, women submitted panels in greater numbers, and the number of women-focused topics throughout the week dwarfed that of previous years. And this year, Women in Kind chose Denver Startup Week as the time and place to…

There is more information in one Sunday edition of the New York Times than contained in all the printed material in the 15th century.

The average person hears or reads over 90,000 words a day. For reference, the word count of To Kill a Mockingbird is 99,121.

We are swimming in data. Near-drowning in the information rich environments of our daily lives.

So how can it be, when it comes to data on women — how they go about the business of their lives, their spending power, the routes they travel, their health and safety — we know next to nothing?

Simply put, for millennia, we have seen “male” as the standard. The ramifications for data collection meant women were either collapsed into the same category as men (think drug trials up until 1990 and crash test dummies up…

Virginia Santy, Ph.D.

Social scientist; devoted to designing spaces, policies, & programs for women all women.

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